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About Author Tom A. Wright

About Author Tom A. Wright

Tom A. Wright was born and spent his early childhood in New Jersey. As a teen, he moved to Arizona with his parents and two siblings. He met his wife, Annette, in high school and dated though his first year of college. The two married and took turns working while the other finished college. Tom received his Manufacturing Graphics degree, then continued his education part time. Shortly after he and his wife had their son, Shawn, he began his first novel, Distant Ties. At the same time, he taught himself computer programming. By the time Shawn began school, Tom had finished Distant Ties, and started work on the sequel, Broken Ties. He also went back to school full time to get a degree in Computer Systems and Applications. By the time he finished two other novels, Terraforming Teardrop and Brutal Adaptation, he and his family moved to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. While continuing to write, he works in web page design and programming.

Tom is an avid reader. Although he writes mostly science fiction, he reads many genres. He likes science fiction, adventure, mysteries and other books that ask the eternal question, what if? Outside of writing and reading, Tom enjoys watching a variety of movies and TV shows. He is also an avid player of video games, and loves listening to an eclectic variety of music. Below you will find links to lists of books, movies, TV shows, music and video games that Tom is particularly fond of..

Right now, Tom is working on his latest novel, Temporal Feedback.

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