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Books by Tom A. Wright


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Distant Ties small cover image  

Distant Ties

First Book in the Ties Series
They were drifting through space with no chance for survival, until discovered by humanity, changing their odds. But was it changed for the better, or for the worse?
Broken Ties small cover  

Broken Ties

Second Book in the Ties Series
A space colony alone, separated from it’s country through treachery - - Humanity’s first representative to stranded aliens, forced into betrayal at the hands of kidnappers. With far-reaching repercussions, the leaders of the Yazawa space colony face the consequences of their Broken Ties.


Terraforming Teardrop small cover  

Terraforming Teardrop

Safety and Liability Analyst Craig Shannon finds himself investigating the deaths of two people on the water-filled world called Teardrop. But the deaths were no accident, and all evidence points to a conspiracy against the peaceful alien natives known as the kell. Craig must search for the truth behind the plan to terraform Teardrop to not only save his own life, but the life of an entire planet.
Brutal Adaptation small cover  

Brutal Adaptation

An antibiotic resistant bacteria is spreading across Earth. In the midst of this slow but steady plague, Local TV news reporter Wade McDaniel is thrust into an investigation of a conspiracy to hide a new skin disorder in children. But his only source on the story is a doctor who used to be his high-school nemesis. Is the man who beat and tortured him in his teen years leading him into a story with far-reaching consequences, or is he picking up his sadistic routine in a brand new way?
Cover for Temporal Feedback

Temporal Feedback

A race known as the Zealots are spreading through the galaxy, conquering world after world, imposing their oppressive theocracy rule. If a conquered species will not, or cannot convert to the alien beliefs, they are exterminated. The Pileeta, a race of intelligent marsupials, race against time to defeat the Zealots before their species falls to the evil aliens. They find help from the most unlikely source, from within the enemy race themselves, from a few honorable humans.

Ravaged Worlds small cover image

Ravaged Worlds

A Novel in Progress - First Book in the Ravaged Series

An invading race called the Mind Assassins has reached their first human colony. Their ability to project despair allows them to conquer the colony with no resistance. Like a plague, they are spreading throughout the galaxy, leaving once civilized worlds ravaged of resources. The only hope in defeating this race is a young woman with an ability she'd always viewed as a curse. Will she be able to learn to control her curse and use it to stop the Mind Assassins? 


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