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Broken Ties

Broken Ties Cover   Book Title: Broken Tes Buy Broken Ties from
Book 2 of the Ties Series
Pages: 221
Trade Paperback Edition:
  • ISBN-10: 1493729195
  • ISBN-13: 978-1493729197
Electronic Edtions by:
  • * Amazon Kindle
The exciting sequel to Distant Ties, Broken Ties follows the secession of the Yazawa Space Colony from the United States. Kyung Yazawa, now the President of the new nation, has to choose between the daunting task of converting his colony into a functional country, or overlook the attempted military attack and negotiate to rejoin the union and become a state. At the same time, Diane Hanning’s estranged sister is kidnapped. To save her, Diane must betray her new friends, Poc Tec, Samot and the hatching baby Sentients. She must steal the secrets of the alien artificial gravity. Can Diane destroy the financial future of her alien friends? Or, can she let her sister die?

Copyright © 2012 Tom A. Wright