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Brutal Adaptation

Brutal Adaptation Cover Large   Book Title: Brutal Adaptation Buy Brutal Adaptation from
Pages: 169
Trade Paperback Edition:
  • ISBN-10: 1493534401
  • ISBN-13: 978-1495354401
Electronic Edition by:
  • Amazon Kindle

An antibiotic resistant bacteria is spreading across Earth.  In the midst of this slow but steady plague, Local TV news reporter Wade McDaniel is thrust into an investigation of a conspiracy to hide a new skin disorder in children.  But his only source on the story is a doctor who used to be his high-school nemesis.  Is the man who beat and tortured him in his teen years leading him into a story with far-reaching consequences, or is he picking up his sadistic routine in a brand new way?

Brutal Adaptation examines the implications of letting fear take control of our actions from both a personal, and a global level.  It also takes a fresh and intriguing look at topics from genetic engineering to the nature of the galaxy itself, within a page-turning, science fiction mystery.

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