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Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash
I first played Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 (N64), and loved it. After the Gamecube version Mario Kart Double Dash came out, the N64 just didn't cut it any more. Let's face it. Racing video games have been around since early video consoles and for the PC. I tried a lot of them and hadn't been very impressed. What made the Mario Kart games interesting to me was the ease of getting the feel of controlling the vehicles, and the ability launch weapons or obstacles at your opponents. And with Mario Kart, you had differing size characters, differing size Karts as well as different driving characteristics based on the character and Kart chosen. Where Double Dash beat Mario Kart 64 was the added element of two characters on the same Kart. This gave players other game playing options. First, you could race as the driver of your Kart with the passenger ready with a weapon. Since each character acquire weapons as you race, swapping positions lets you select which weapon to launch, or enables you to launch your second weapon once the first has been used. The second option, with multi-player racing, you can have one person control the driving, while the other launches the weapon. A quick switch and the second player drives while the fist now stands ready to launch a weapon. The fun thing about the weapons were the comical nature of them. Bananas will cause players to spin out of control. A green shell will flip a vehicle, causing them to come to a dead stop. A red shell does the same as a green, but will lock in on the target in front of you and zoom in for a hit. A blue shell will fly ahead and target the player in first place. Thunderbolts shrink all opponents, spinning them out of control, also slowing them down and making them vulnerable to being ran over and flattened to a pancake for a few seconds. Mushrooms give you brief boosts of speed while stars boosts your speed and makes you invincible for a limited time. And then there are the special items that are unique to the characters you are playing. With a selection of differing tracks to race on, this game has given me and my family hours and hours of fun.
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