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Ravaged Worlds

Cover For Ravaged Worlds
  Book Title: Ravaged Worlds  
Pages: ?
Trade Paperback Edition:
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Keisha Rose has a curse that keeps her isolated from friends and family.  She's an empath, able to feel what everyone around her feels.  The emotions of others assault her, constantly overwhelming her.  In order to maintain her sanity, she chooses to live as far away from people as she can, coming into contact with others only when absolutely necessary.

Things quickly get worse when an alien race invades her world.  They conquer their victims by projecting overpowering feelings of fear and despair, forcing some to suicide, and the rest into complete inaction and obedience.  The invading race, called the Mind Assassins by other alien races, detect Keisha's mental ability and attempt to manipulate it, and her, into something more useful to them.  In doing so, they unleash Keisha's full potential.  

The young woman is forced to work at controlling her new psychic abilities.  Her curse is now the only means by which the rest of the galaxy can defeat the conquering Mind Assassins.  The burden of alien and human hope weighs heavy on Keisha's shoulders.  Can she wrestle down her own doubts and fears, or succumb to them and allow the Mind Assassins to ravage every intelligent race in the galaxy?

This book is the first of a trilogy.

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