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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released for the Wii and required the updated wiimote which gave much more sensitivity to the motion sensing in the game controller. It was well worth it because when you moved the remote, Link's sword followed the motion. Needless to say, you literally had to engage in swordplay to actually battle with your sword. Since we bought the Motion Plus add on for our existing wiimote, I'm not sure the occasional quirk of having to reset the controller was just on the add on, or if it was also a problem with the controllers that had it built in. The inconvenience of pausing a battle to reset a wandering cursor might have been a tad annoying, but it didn't stop me and my family from enjoying Skyward Sword. In this Zelda game, the story takes place in a time long before any of the existing games in the series. Here, Link lives in the town of Skyloft, which floats high in the sky. He is just learning to fly a creature called a Loftwing, and needs to complete a test of his flying abilities to earn his title of knight. His friend, Zelda, soon disappears and the adventure begins as Link searches the many island of rock floating around Skyloft. His quest soon leads him below the great cloud layer below, to the actual land his people have not seen. The exploring, puzzle solving and fighting elements are all there, plus elements of time travel. Unlike previous time travel in Zelda games, this one has a unique trait of only being able to change time inside a bubble surrounding an activated crystal. Within this bubble to the past, Link finds robots busily working in what appears to be a more technologically advanced age. After battling may monsters and foes, Link must use a time portal to fight the ultimate evil, which threatens the world. Once again, the story and game play make this Zelda game a favorite to keep coming back to play again and again.
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