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Wii Sports

Wii Sports
Wii Sports came bundled with the Wii, and really showed off what the new motion sensing controllers, what I like to call the wiimotes, could do. You can play baseball, tennis, golf, boxing and my family's favorite, bowling. It was incredible to swing my wiimote and wacth my bowling ball roll down the alley, curving just as my real bowling throw does. And if you want to work up a sweat, try boxing for a while. Tennis and Baseball, although you could play them with normal, full motions of your body, can be performed with just hand and wrist actions, but are still quite fun. The golf game, on the other hand, was really challenging, and not in a fun way. It seemed nearly impossible to control the power of the golf swing with any consistency. Another element of Wii Sports I like is that it utilizes the Mii characters you create with the Wii. This was a very overlooked element by Nintendo and other game developers. Would have loved to see other Mii games. Overall, though, playing Wii Sports games is something my family constantly comes back to, time and again.
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